Why Seabridge Radio?

We are a creative and innovative school with children that are eager to learn new and exciting ways of communicating. Our children want to produce and create talk shows, have fun with radio drama, share books and discuss issues that matter to them in a non-confrontational format. Whether it is discussing important issues or sharing the music they love, Seabridge Radio gives our pupils a voice within our school.

Benefits of Seabridge Radio

Seabridge Radio helps us to enhance our learning and meet the National Curriculum in ways that you may not even realise. Confidence, Self-esteem, Empowerment, Inclusion, Speaking and Listening Skills, improving Literacy,Teamwork and Vocational  Skills.

Better engagement with the students and staff using a cross school communication platform. Aid teachers in achieving a majority of the National Curriculum Standards. Showcase the talents of our children. Improve links with our wider community and reach around the world.

How do we apply SMSC through Seabridge Radio?

  • Spiritual Learners - Imaginative, Reflective and Creative.
  • Moral Learners - Appreciate different points of view. Have knowledge of ethical and moral issues.
  • Cultural - Understand different cultures around the world. Showing respect when exploring different faiths.
  • Social - Participate in Community events. Use of different Social Skills.

Liaising with our local community

The beauty of having our own radio station here at Seabridge Primary School is the interaction we are able to have within our community. We regularly have local companies in to talk with the children about their aspirations or how to become entrepreneurs for the future.We have close links with our local colleges and universities where we invite the staff along to be interviewed by our young presenters, about life after high school and what steps to take to further their education. 

Our local theatre groups provide contacts of actors/writers/producers for our children to research and interview, perfectly timed for production release dates. We are extremely grateful for these special interviews, as we know it is always a busy time for everyone involved in theatre productions, because of hectic rehearsal times.

We liaise with our emergency services Community Officers - a great insight to all the activities and community projects that go on in our community, in order to help those who are vulnerable.

The biggest advantage of working with your local community is that you are helping what surrounds you, to grow.  

Seabridge Radio

One of our most memorable interviews to date has to be, Motivational Speaker and TV Personality Ant Middleton. Ant uses his life experiences and his positive mental attitude to help influence others with his  'Zero Negativity' and 'Fear Bubble' approach, to harnessing fear and living without limits. His interview with Mollie, George and Frazer has elements of excitement and fear as he reminisced about his time climbing Mount Everest - to surviving Channel 4's re-enactment of Captain William Bligh's journey through 4,000 miles in some of the world's most unforgiving seas, in a simple wooden boat. The children really enjoyed their interview with Ant and were left feeling they could achieve anything they want to in life - he really left a positive impression on us all! 

Ant kindly donated his most recent book 'First Man In', posters and booklets about his positive lifestyle for our staff and children.

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Year 1L

Can you guess the teacher?

Archie Dobson's War

Some children have produced a radio play 'Archie Dobson's War', in our studio, as part of their enrichment learning. We hope you enjoy their broadcast.

It is the summer of 1914 and the Dobsons are getting ready to visit their country cousins, the Carters. Ten-year-old Archie Dobson is particularly excited to be seeing his older cousin Walter. His difficult older sister Mabel is less enthusiastic, believing herself to be superior to her rural cousin Lizzie. During their visit, Walter tells Archie of a great adventure he believes to be coming in the near future…and when war is declared later that summer Walter enlists in the army and leaves for France during a grand parade. Archie watches Walter as he leaves and thinks it is the most exciting thing he’s ever seen. But what impact will the war have on their lives?

Seabridge Radio enters The Young Arias Awards, a new awards scheme celebrating radio and audio

Our Radio Team entered a national competition, we were thrilled to ne nominated in The Most Innovative Team category. What an achievement! Here is our entry:

Sound effects used on Seabridge Radio courtesy of http://www.freeSFX.co.uk