Seabridge PTA

What we’re about!

The PTA is an organisation run solely by volunteers to raise money to help the school provide materials, resources and facilities for the benefit of everyone who uses the school. More importantly, the activities help to bring parents together and promote good communication between parents, staff and the wider community while working towards a common goal. 

Parents with children at Seabridge Primary, grandparents and other family members and teachers are automatically members. There is nothing to sign and no oath to memorise, all that is required is a desire to be part of your child’s school experience and as much of your free time as you wish to give.

The day to day running of the PTA is in the hands of a committee which is elected at the PTA Annual General Meeting held in the first half of each Autumn Term. Over the year the PTA will hold meetings to plan and organise events and to allocate any monies raised. You do not have to attend all of these meetings to be considered an important member of the PTA team but we would be grateful if you could come every now and then to the meetings so that we can build a relationship with you, listen to your ideas and you can see how the PTA works.  Some people find that they can offer their time during the day to set up events, during events or can only offer a specific skill. Whatever your level of commitment all help offered will be gratefully received. We welcome anybody that is willing to help us out.

Seabridge PTA is made up of lots of members, some are Mums and Dads and others are Grandparents.  All of the school staff help out or support regularly at our events especially, our biggest events when it’s “all hands on deck”.

Our committee members are made up of the following:

Chair -  
Treasurer - Kirsty Townsend
Secretary -  
Vice Chair/Treasurer/Secretary - Helen Follwell

Other members of the PTA that we have on board are: 

Lindsay Leech     Lucy Townsend
Jon Gidman      
Lisa Hancock    Charlotte Dodd        
Andrea & Andrew Hastelow
Jayne Watts     
Sally Abel         Sheryl Hulme
Zoe Cooper  Kate Osborne   Monica Cru-Hall   

If you have any questions regarding the PTA and the work we do or would like to join, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01782 432530 or email by clicking here.

We would really appreciate your help.