Seabridge Care Club and Early Years Wraparound

Seabridge Care Club operates from the main building of the school, and is run by a voluntary management committee.  The facility is open to existing and new parents/carers of Seabridge Primary School.

Seabridge Care Club is committed to providing a quality childcare facility for children aged 3-11, with our younger children being cared for in the dedicated early years area of the school, with its own play area. Once the children have settled into the routine, and become more confident, integration with the older children takes place (at less busy times). This will facilitate a smoother transition at a later stage. All of this is provided at a competitive cost.

We believe that children will thrive in an environment that facilitates their development and maximises their potential. We ensure that they are cared for in an environment that is happy and supportive, so that they can grow up feeling confident and secure. 

Parents can go to work knowing that their child is in a safe, caring environment, where children can play happily with their friends and participate in the wide range of activities we offer, such as; pool, table tennis, air hockey, arts/crafts, small world play, and much, much more. The school’s extensive grounds provide further opportunities for the children to participate in outdoor play activities.

Children are provided with a small snack along with fruit/vegetables and water/milk during each session (taking into account parent’s wishes and any allergies). These are included in the fees.

Our policies and procedures ensure we maintain a high standard of care and these are available on request.

Seabridge Care Club Early Years Wraparound Facility

Nursery aged pupils are currently entitled to 15 hours funded nursery education, which is provided by Seabridge Primary School in the Nursery Class. This is complemented by our popular wraparound care facility which enables parents to take advantage of full day nursery education at a very competitive rate.

From September 2017, many 3 & 4 year olds may be entitled to 30 hours funded education. The school will continue to provide the morning session (9-12 noon) and for the children who have a place in the school nursery, the afternoon session will be provided by the Wraparound Facility (12 noon-3pm).

If you are not eligible to claim the 30 hours of funding, wraparound care is still available at a charge of £15 for the core session, 12 noon-3pm (may be subject to change – notice will be given).

The children can bring in a packed lunch. We actively promote healthy eating and would ask that sweets, chocolates, fizzy/sugary drinks are not included. Also, we would ask that any food items containing nuts are not supplied. Alternatively, you can take advantage of giving your child a school lunch. This must be paid for separately directly to the school via parentpay.

Our wraparound care meets the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage, and the staff have forged excellent relationships with the school’s Early Years Teaching Team, to enable us to offer diverse opportunities for learning and having fun, both inside and outside. Activities are planned to complement those in the nursery.

To support wraparound care, we also offer before/afterschool sessions (from 7.30-9.00am and from 3.00-5.45pm).

If you are interested in before/afterschool care and/or wraparound care, please telephone 07880 723138 or email us at [email protected]

Care Club Opening Hours/Fees (may be subject to change. Notice will be given)

Monday-Friday (term time) 7.30am – 8.45 - £5.25 per session
3.15pm – 5.45pm £9.25 per session
Wraparound Care 12.00pm – 3.00pm £15 per session (funded if eligible)

We are constantly examining our environment and how we operate, with a view to improving what we offer. We welcome partnerships with parents and carers to try to meet the needs of the family. This close relationship allows you to be confident in the knowledge that the children are being well care for out of school hours.

The team is well trained, experienced and caring. We never forget the importance of our responsibility to keep the children safe and happy. We regularly attend courses to update our knowledge and practice to support this.