What is Catch up Funding?

As part of the government initiative to support children and young people to catch up following the school closures, the government have allocated £80 per pupil from Reception to Year 6. Schools are advised to use the total sum of money as a whole to best support the needs of all children following their return to school.

While schools can use their funding in a way that suits their cohort and circumstances, they are expected to use this funding for specific activities which will help pupils catch up on missed education.

At Seabridge Primary we have used the recommended guidance from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) to plan how the Catch up Funding will be used to best support the individual needs of our children in order to support the missed learning within schools.

How will our use of the funding be scrutinised? 

You'll be held to account for how you use the catch-up premium funding in 2 ways: 

1. Governor and trustee oversight 

Your governors or trustees will scrutinise your plans for and use of catch-up funding. 

They'll consider whether you're:

Spending the funding in line with the school's catch-up priorities 
Being transparent with parents on the use of the funding 

2. Ofsted visits 

During the autumn term, Ofsted will be carrying out non-graded visits. Part of the visits will involve discussion on how you'll be bringing pupils back into full-time education, which may include the plans you have to spend your catch-up funding
From summer 2021 (at the earliest; exact timing under review), Ofsted plans to resume routine inspections. As part of the quality of education judgement they'll look at how you're using your catch-up funding to make sure the curriculum has a positive impact on all pupils .

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