Whisper Information

Anonymous Safeguarding Reporting

We have started using the online reporting tool Whisper as a new line of anonymous communication within the school community. Whisper allows students and parents alike to report any issues or concerns they may be having, anonymously, through our website or by texting. You do not need an email address to use Whisper. However, while you are free to use this system anonymously, if you personally need help, we suggest placing a name within the message box. We will treat this information in the strictest of confidences. The school will be able to actively respond to any reports and offer the correct guidance and support where needed. We hope this will allow students and parents to feel confident in coming forward with any problems they may be experiencing.

If you need to report anything, please follow the link https://swgfl.org.uk/whisper/sps2/

Alternatively, you can send a message to 07860 021 323 starting your message with sps2 to report via text message.

If you have any concerns or for more information about how Whisper works, please contact us via the office.