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Mathematics at Seabridge
At Seabridge we want to develop mathematicians who are not only fluent in recalling mathematical knowledge, but are also eager for the chance to reasoning and problem solve with a range of different concepts. 

Characteristics of a mathematician:

  • They show a passion for the subject and are eager to find out more;
  • They are fluent with the key maths facts;
  • They demonstrate the ability to reason and generalise with mathematical ideas;
  • The demonstrate determination  and resilience when faced with a challenge;
  • They show initiative when solving a range of problems;
  • They can draw on an increasing amount of mathematical vocabulary;
  • They have ability to make connections across mathematical areas and across other aspects of the curriculum;
  • They have an awareness of key mathematicians;
  • They can appreciate where maths fit within the wider world.

Key documentation: 

Sequencing and progression:

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