Speech and Language Support

Speech and Language Support

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We work closely with Debbie Willshaw from SpeakWrite to provide Speech and Language support to the children who require it. Debbie also offer practical tips and advice on her Facebook page. 

https://www.facebook.com/ groups/706090500172216/?notif_ id=1593381161883383&notif_t= groups_invite_confirmed_ feedback&ref=n


For any further information regarding private support, contact Debbie

Debbie Willshaw

Tel: 07941 865743

Email: [email protected]

Website:http://www. speakwriteforliteracy.co.uk/

BA (Hons) Psycholinguistics, PGC LACIIC,

ICAN Talk Boost trained, Stoke Speaks Out Level 1

Member of NASEN & NAPLIC,