So what do the aims and values of the CPRT look like at Seabridge?

Equity - Tackle the continuing challenge of social and educational disadvantage, and find practical ways to help schools to close the overlapping gaps in social equity and educational attainment (CPRT).

One of our school values is also ‘Equity’, and we define this as ‘the quality of being fair and impartial’. As adults, we regularly talk to our children about being fair and what this looks like in practice, but our School Council and Peer Mediators also play a key role in this, continually reinforcing this key value across all aspects of the school. Alongside this, we encourage our children to consider equity further afield, by looking at current issues at local, national and international levels, and we explicitly celebrate difference and diversity. We also believe this is crucial for the adults in our school to, and we aim to be equitable to all, with many opportunities on offer across the year.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility and equity.
Voice - Advance children’s voice and rights in school and classroom, in accordance with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child (CPRT).

Pupil voice and wider consultation are very important to us. Our children take on a number of roles and responsibilities during their time at Seabridge, including School Council, Eco reps, Junior Sports Leaders, Peer Mediators, Team Captains, Prefects and E-Cadets. These opportunities provide opportunity for children to instigate change through a democratic system. Staff and Governors regularly meet with varied groups of children to seek their views about different aspects of school life, and this then feeds into our process of review and improvement. We seek the opinions of our parents regularly, and staff are fully involved through consultation in the strategic development of our school. Linked to pupil voice is the impact of our radio station on language development and oracy.

The pupil-led facility encourages dialogue, pupil voice and presentation and journalism skills, whilst promoting the importance of oral communication.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, equality, democracy, honesty, openness, equity.
Community - Promote community engagement and cohesion through school-community links and a community curriculum that supplements and enriches the national curriculum, and by developing communal values in school and classroom (CPRT).

We pride ourselves on our place within our community and we aim to work in partnership through a range of activities. For example, we donate harvest gifts to the foodbank and our local sheltered housing, Waveney Court, our eco team commit to developing an area in the locality by litter picking or planting bulbs, we invite members of our local community to share our curriculum, either through a learning celebration or by utilising their expertise, and provide our school neighbours with small Christmas gifts made by our children.

Our annual Firework Evening provides a real focal point for the community, and really does serve to develop a real sense of community spirit. We also attend our local church regularly and work in partnership with our PCSOs to ensure our children understand how they can contribute to their community both now and in the future.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, solidarity, equity.
Sustainability - Embed sustainability and global citizenship in educational policy and practice, linking to the UN agenda for global education after 2015 (CPRT).

Sustainability is an important aspect of our everyday school life. Our Eco-team work alongside our bursar to promote the importance of sustainable energy sources and are keen to ensure that all of our stakeholders take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.

They take responsibility for our school allotment, which provides a garden kitchen for our cookery room. Our Forest School Curriculum also explicitly teaches our children about sustainability and well-being. We also view sustainability as securing our futures, through a high quality education and by becoming prepared for life in modern day Britain.

We have effective and purposeful links with both Newcastle-under-Lyme college and Keele university, and these organisations allow our children to develop their personal ambitions. We are also committed to the future of the teaching profession through our SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training), which ensures we are developing high quality teachers for our locality and further afield. Most recently, we have become members of the Global Learning Programme.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, solidarity, openness, equity.
Aims - Develop and apply a coherent vision for 21st century primary education; enact CPR aims through curriculum, pedagogy and the wider life of the school (CPRT).
The ethos and aims of our school are closely aligned with the research and practice of the CPRT. Our motto of ‘Working together to be the best we can’ underpins the collaborative approach we take and like the CPRT, our children are at the heart of all that we do. We place a real emphasis on oracy as a key driver in learning, and believe that language and experiences ultimately reinforce lifelong learning skills and a love of enquiry, whilst celebrating the essence of childhood.

Our Headteacher is an LLE (Local Leader of Education) and our Deputy Headteacher is an SLE (Specialist Leader of Education), which ensures that a shared vision for education is developed at a local level through school to school support. Our SCITT also plays a huge role in securing a shared vision of education in the 21st century.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, equality, democracy, solidarity, honesty, openness, equity.
Curriculum - Develop a broad, balanced and rich entitlement curriculum which responds to both national and local need, eliminates the damaging division of status and quality between core and non-core, and teaches every subject, domain or aspect to the highest possible standard (CPRT).

The Seabridge curriculum encompasses the 2014 National Curriculum but is tailored to the needs of our children and our locality. We believe that all of our children have the right to an inspiring, motivating and exciting yet relevant curriculum, which prepares them for life in modern day Britain. Each subject is of equal importance, and we enhance the National Curriculum subjects with our SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) provision, our Forest School and our thriving radio station and media opportunities. Every child in Year groups 2 to 6 have the opportunity to take part in a residential, including one in France, and we offer a wealth of visits to further supplement our children’s learning, ensuring that all pupils can access these opportunities. More information can be found under the Curriculum and Classes pages under the ‘Our School’ tab of our website.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, equality, equity.
Pedagogy – Develop a pedagogy of repertoire, rigour, evidence and principle, rather than mere compliance, with a particular emphasis on fostering the high quality classroom talk which children’s development, learning and attainment require (CPRT).
We invest in CPD (Continued Professional Development) and work in partnership with our SCITT to ensure our pedagogy is current and informed. Our Senior Leadership Team attend termly research breakfasts which then form the agenda for a subsequent staff meeting, and all staff are encouraged to share their learning. Our teaching and learning is informed by a range of research, including Bloom’s taxonomy, SOLO taxonomy, Dweck’s Growth Mindset and Hattie’s Visible Learning, but cornerstones of what we practice are co-operative learning behaviours and high quality language and oracy.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, equality.
Assessment - Encourage approaches to assessment that enhance learning as well as test it, that support rather than distort the curriculum and that pursue standards and quality in all areas of learning, not just the core subjects (CPRT).
Assessment is crucial to the planning of purposeful learning opportunities at Seabridge, however assessment does not mean ‘testing’. We have a range of approaches to assessment, the most important of which is the day-to-day assessment which takes place throughout every single lesson or learning opportunity – teacher assessment. More information can be found under the ‘Our School’ tab. Our parents feel well-informed of their child’s behaviour for learning, progress and attainment based on year group appropriate expectations.

Links to REDSHOE Values: Responsibility, equality, honesty, openness, equity.