Below is the historical SAT summary for Seabridge Primary School pre-academisation (June 1st 2017) including Summer 2016, Information from our Curriculum and Assessment evening and interim teacher assessment frameworks for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Average Progress (Reading, Writing and Maths)

Average scaled score (Reading, Writing and Maths)

Attainment at the Expected standard and Higher standard (Reading, Grammar and Punctuation, and Maths) or Greater Depth (Writing)

Trend Analysis - Please note, the columns highlighted in grey refer to Seabridge Primary School following conversion to an academy in June 2017, during which process we became a ‘new’ school; all other columns are pre-academisation.

Key Stage 2

Key stage resultsKey Stage 1

Key stage 1 results

Year 1 Phonics Check

Year 1 phonics